TBeacon applications are quickly emerging as large-scale deployments in the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses understand the need for suitable beacon designs to operate as peripheral devices to send and receive wireless communications. Beacon technology offers compelling opportunities for assistive applications across diverse market segments including retail, transportation, and hospitality industries.

Beacons are emerging as a progressively important element that offers location-based assistance—guiding passengers through airports, guests in hotels, and shoppers in malls and even spectators watching a game. In retail, beacon technology is can be a powerful catalyst that influences shoppers to select products in the store.

TSI beacon solution caters to a fast-moving marketplace and offers easy and maintenance-free operation. By combining wireless processors with specific energy-harvesting ICs, TSI’s beacon solution capable of operating for years without battery replacement.

TSI beacon solutions for STYLEMRKT

STYLEMRKT is a bridge between buyers, brands and influencers in the Miami Fashion Market. TSI provided STYLEMRKT with Beacon solutions to create an intimate and well curated platform to allow members showcase their products, guide buyers to products, network with fellow creatives and conduct business in a seamless and productive environment. The beacon solution is simple in concept, designed to transmit small amounts of information over a few as long as several hundred meters. The solution is a micro-location application that needs little more than a wireless transmitter, some non-volatile storage for a unique ID, and an MCU that handles the communications protocol. With the addition of an appropriate sensor, the beacon can also transmit ambient data such as temperature or humidity.

Key benefits

Positioning and navigation

Foot fall, heat map and analytics

Targeted offers and advertisements