With the launch of National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI’s) unified payment interface (UPI), e-commerce transactions are now easier, facilitating micropayments and person-to-person payments. The system allows customers to instantaneously transfer funds across banks with the help of a single identifier. The identifier acts as a virtual address and eliminates the need to exchange sensitive information like credit card details, IFSC code, net banking passwords or bank account numbers during a transaction.

Instapay UPI

TSI developed the Instapay app that promotes easy use of UPI payments. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps make UPI payments or request UPI payments without having to type payee's or beneficiaries VPA. The transaction requests can be shared over social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Hangout, Facebook, etc.

Instapay UPI benefits

Create collection cards using multiple VPAs (If you have more than one bank account or more than one VPA in a bank). Share collection cards as payment request via any social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, hangouts, etc., using your mobile.

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