Cold storage monitoring solution

Inefficient storage infrastructure and archaic storing methods lead to tons of goods being wasted every year. Moreover, a dearth of continuous electricity and absence of warning systems add to the troubles faced by cold storage owners. There is an evident need of comprehensive technology for storing goods including vegetables, fruits, meat and cereals.

TSI’s Cold Storage Monitoring Solution brings technology to play in addressing this ecosystem.

Cold storage monitoring solutions from TSI uses both wired and wireless sensor modules to obtain sensor values. The real-time health status of the cold storage in its entirety is displayed on a monitor and is also accessible on mobile devices using a web portals and mobile applications. The system provides early warning alerts or alarms when risks are detected.

TSI’s cold storage system is also customizable based on the products being stored. In addition, cold storage owners can also plan the stocking and dispatching of goods with the help of software that combined with the solution. 

Key features

Centralized real-time monitoring dashboard

Instant alerts on predefined thresholds

Failure detection and proactive maintenance

Data logging and custom reporting priorities

Remote monitoring and better local supervision of critical parameters in real-time

Easily configurable for simple installation and management

Highly scalable with least demand on power

Benefits for cold storage owners

Substantial reduction in wastage of the stored items and electricity

Remote monitoring of critical parameters in real-time

Managing various kinds of in the same storage unit

Software driven stocking and dispatching priorities

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