Cloud Computing

The cloud has endowed enterprises with immense capabilities to transform their businesses. Moving to the cloud means fast-tracking digital innovation, facilitating agile business platforms and curbing the time-to-market. A successful move to the cloud demands expert guidance and proactive support during the entire course of migration. TSI provides fast and efficient cloud migration services that support all models like PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS, be it on public, private, or hybrid infrastructures, helping you avoid business disruptions and achieve scalability. TSI’s Cloud application migration services offer comprehensive, robust and scalable methodologies to migrate all your business software like MS Office 365, MS Project, mail and collaboration software, HRMS, etc., to cloud platforms. With verified and steadfast tools, we help you optimize and design applications for cloud and thoroughly test them for cloud-readiness.

TSI Cloud Services

• App migration to the Cloud.
• Data and Database.
• Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services.
• Implementation of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing and Training.
• Application Hosting and Monitoring.
• Partnership with leading cloud providers delivering value for clients.
• Cloud Exit and Cloud Migration Policies.

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