About Us

TPF Software Inc. (TSI) is an Information Technology company founded in 1986 that pioneered development of products based on IBM’s TPF and z/Series technologies that are used by several fortune 500 companies. In 2005, TSI entered into IT services starting with the legacy technologies and evolved into open systems and testing services. Key services include IT Consulting, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), Legacy and z/TPF Migration, Systems Integration, Global Delivery and Testing. We have direct staff of over 150 spread across offices in the USA, India and New Zealand, and with tremendous flexibility to ramp-up resources through strategic alliances.

TSI Digital Solutions

TSI digital solutions help enterprises leverage digital technologies that help them redefine consumer experiences and renew their technology core. Be it mobile platforms, the Internet Of Things, big data, digital marketing or social media, TSI understands the unique opportunities that the digital world offers, and helps enterprises achieve cohesive adaptation and management across the digital ecosystem.

TSI digital solutions help enterprises simplify their digital journey ensuring that they deliver a richer experience and build a more efficient workforce, gain better customer insight and new sources of revenue.

How we help businesses leverage the power of digital
Industry specific solutions

With disruptive innovations sweeping the markets, TSI Digital leads the change from ideation to execution of many such innovations. Our domain expertise in the areas of digital banking, airlines, hotels and hospitality helps achieve industry-specific possibilities and goals. This work is driven by our rapid prototyping lab, skunkworks, and digital research institute. All the digital offerings from TSI are well supported by a team of proficient architects, consultants and engineers.