Smart Boarding

The substantial increase in airline travel in recent years has given rise to serious security complications. TSI’s SMART Boarding Pass solution incorporates state-of-the-art RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to provide a more effective and directed use of standard airline boarding passes.

How SMART Boarding Pass works

TSI SMART Boarding Pass encodes the data on the printed boarding pass onto a RFID chip. This eliminates the tampering of the boarding pass, thus preventing fraudulent use. With all relevant data available electronically, passenger information and boarding pass information can be matched and verified with the databases held by the airline staff. This dramatically reduces the scope for unauthorized passenger travel.

Improved passenger travel experience

SMART Boarding Passes significantly reduce waiting times at airports as it facilitates automated check-in at the gates. When combined with biometric ID, a fully automated check-in is possible. This reduces queuing time at flight gates and improves a passenger’s travel experience.
At the arrival airport, SMART Boarding Passes can be used in the form of RFID enabled baggage tags. With the baggage tags and boarding passes matched before take-off, passengers can feel secure their baggage is safe.

The benefits of TSI SMART Boarding Pass

Automated check-in, reducing queuing times

Boarding pass delivered as customers come within range of a smart check-in / boarding beacon

Automatic notification to airlines about customer check-in

Greater airport security

Reduces for unauthorized travel

Improved baggage handling

Improved travel experience

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