Smart Ramp

With domestic and international flight activity increasing progressively year over year, many airlines have understood the need for better communication tools to help their ramp staff. These tools are critical to ensure on-time performance and lessen the cases of mishandled bags.

Smart Ramp is one such communication tool that can significantly improve performance. Smart Ramp serves as message boards for each flight and gate, providing ramp personnel and cockpit crew with up-to-the-minute gate activity information. Each screen can be programmed to display a variety of information such as flight number and aircraft tail number, gate number, countdown clock, destination, fuel load, and other emergency information.

TSI Smart Ramp

TSI’s Smart Ramp integrates with airline and airport systems to communicate real-time, critical flight information to ground crew and flight staff. With integration of Smart Ramp, TSI enables airports to take an informed decision of enabling all bays across the managed airports. TSI has worked with clients across the globe to install this highly effective communication tool at airports across the globe, helping clients achieve superior performance.

Key features of Smart Ramp

Automates the Chocks on/Chock off recording process thereby minimizing the incidence of error that could arise due to human intervention

Integrates the Smart Ramp with current systems such as ACDM and AODB in order to enable the real-time data exchange, updating stakeholders with and up-to-date information

Enables Ground Handlers to have adequate information on the arrival aircraft (Flight information and movement tracking), preparing them to be better organized to receive and service the flight

Provides relevant information such as Target Off Block Times/ Target Startup to help Ground Handlers and Cockpit Crew plan activities accordingly to maintain schedules

Provides the accurate ATA/ ATD timings to Airport systems for further action - AODB, FIDS, GIDS for operational purposes and to other Airports systems, e.g., for calculating landing & parking charges, etc.