Modern airports across the globe function with increasingly integrated IT systems and critical turnaround management data that must be accessible at all times. Failure to perfectly manage aircraft turnaround can lead to delays, fines, extravagant parking fees and decreased passenger satisfaction, which can significantly damage the reputation of airline companies. Efficient aircraft turnaround can be achieved with the introduction of integrated systems that operate in real time, offering a transparent view of all flight operations to airport ground handling personnel.

The TSI RapidTurnAround

TSI understands the importance of steadfast aircraft turnaround management to keep airport operations running efficiently. RapidTurnAround from TSI helps airlines improve efficiency in airport ground operations by transforming the flight turnaround process into a transparent and measurable process by empowering employees. Rapid TurnAround enables airport duty managers to have a 360 degree view of ramp operations and also enables FSC users to have a bird’s-eye view of network wide operations with the capability to zoom in at a microscopic level.

With Flight turnaround process being a mission critical part of airline operations that essentially involves all tasks both inside the airport terminal and on the ramp side, RapidTurnAround provides an easy-to-use interface that requires very little training, and can be used by turnaround coordinators and senior management. RapidTurnAround enables the display of tailored flight information, giving airports the ability to operate flawlessly in a high-pressure environSmartment.

Features of RapidTurnAround

For Station level Line managers

Station level line managers can view, edit and take action on critical, day-to-day operational information at their station level, including real-time status of flights on the ground, and real-time status of activities of each individual flight.RapidTurnAround enables them to address pain points proactively, thereby reducing the impact of the delay of an individual task on the overall departure time of an aircraft.

For Network level operations co-ordinators

Network level operations co-ordinators (NOC/FSC) can have a bird’s-eye view of flight/flight activity/aircraft status across the network. This enables them to identify potential issues and make timely decisions to maintain the on-time performance at a network level.

For the management

With RapidTurnAround, management users can create reports on various facts and dimensions that provide analytic insights and identify problem areas at a granular level.

For ramp agents

RapidTurnAround helps ramp agents receive task assignments in real-time. They can capture and record the tasks and events in real-time, thereby providing accurate and actionable information.