Innovation Lab

Today’s consumer facing enterprises across the world struggle to develop new innovations due to the effort and resources required to roll out such activities. TSI Digital supports rapid innovation. We have developed a wide array of solutions and frameworks to enable customers harness their digital potential. Solutions and prototypes developed on this framework range from consumer engagement platforms, to retail solutions using gesture-based technologies.

TSI Digital has dedicated teams that collaborate and introspectto bring in new, meaningful, and transformational digital solutions and functional prototypes. These prototypes are an outcome of rigorous research, concept detailing, and understanding a user’s journey.

Our value proposition:

Good blend of legacy & digital knowledge

Strong enterprise class legacy application delivery experience

Domain knowledge in Travel & Airlines industry

Agile organization to respond quickly to Technology trends

Digital Lab for customer prototyping

Strongly support OpenSource

Contributing back to the IT industry (Symposium, Hackathon, etc.)

Some of our digital solutions prototypes include:

Smart office with lighting control, temperature monitoring & Control, motion detection, smart meeting rooms, analytics and more

 Home automation | Business process automation using the most natural user interface – Voice

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